Tuesday, April 19, 2011

To the West

Right know I am in Mount Rushmore. But in the West I want to go to Yellow Stone Park. I heard that it is a pretty place. But I don't know anything because I never been there or seen a picture. That is why I want to go to Yellow Stone Park. I think I'm going to know a lot more when I visit Yellow Stone Park.

I also want to learn more about the Gold Rush. I know it was in California and people all over the world came. I think people from China came to get the gold too.They panned for gold. That means that they used a pan and gently swayed the pan back and front until all the water was gone except the gold. 

Also I want visit the mountains and volcanoes if there is any. I know one of them are M.t. Helens.
I can't wait to visit the West.


  1. Sounds like a great trip. I went there with my family.

  2. When I visited there was guy there signing books who actually worked on the blasting of the mountain. Nearby by is a place called Custer State Park. They have a great swimming hole since it is hot there in the summer. There are also these wild burros, also known as donkeys. They actually allow you to feed the wild burros, but be careful. If you stop your car and the burros are near, they will come over and sticks their heads in the car to see if you have food. Thanks for sharing your road trip!

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  4. Sounds like a great place! i wish i could visit there with my friends and family.

  5. Your story makes me to wish to go to the West.

  6. Hey Danbie,

    I bet if you look around, you can find a museum or some information on the Chinese in the gold rush. My understanding is that they were very mistreated at the time and that there were some huge racial issues, similar to those that happened in the southeast during the civil rights movement (you could use that for a comparison).

    Mr. F.